Thursday, April 16, 2009

Many of the bird migrants have arrived, may apples and morels have made it up through the leaf litter. It was reported on a list serve that Whip-poor-will had been heard calling near Peebles on Wednesday. An early morning stop along West Fork road produced Louisiana Waterthrush, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. All signs that spring is here and will rapidly transistion into summer. Get out and enjoy while it lasts!

While you are out there, pay attention to whats happening with the birds in your area. In a short time you can learn a lot about who has territory in the area, who is nesting or who has recently fleged young already. All great information to record as part of The Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas. The Atlas effort could use your help. Additionaly, I would like to know when, and where, folks are hearing calling Whip-poor-wills AND Chuck-will's-widow. Especially the Chucks. Send us an e-mail with dates and locations of calling birds or let us know here on the Adams County notebook.