Friday, November 21, 2008

winter birds

Today's weather offers wind chills in the teens and probably does not bring bird watching to the top of the list of activities you have planned. But the cold finally arriving here might provide the opportunity to see a few birds that you might not normally see. If you have not yet cleaned your feeders and put them out, now would be a great time to get started. Reports from the listserves hint that we might have pine siskins in good numbers this year. Look for them along with the goldfinches at your feeder. Many species of waterfowl continue to migrate through. We have seen both "hoodies" and "woodies" on Ohio Brush Creek in the last two weeks. A single American Widgeon was present south of the 125 bridge this morning. Its also time to watch for Eagles that might be passing through. Typically, along the Ohio River and Ohio Brush creek we have sightings of eagles during the winter months. Winter offers the hope of Northern Harriers and possible short eared owls over the overgrown fields in the county. The sparrows that we might expect to see include white crowned sparrows, white throated sparrows, tree sparrows and fox sparrows among the song, field and swamp sparrows that reside here. There are other sparrow posibilities out the so be sure and take a close look at those sparrows. If you have the opportunity, remember to sign up and participate in the Christmas bird count that will occur in December in Adams or Scioto county. Keep your binoculars close and share those unusual bird sightings.