Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Weather sightings

It is officially cold in Adams County on this fifteenth day of January. Most of us have made plans to work indoors as temperatures were in the single digits on our way to work this morning. Even as cold as it is, there are things outdoors that are worth stepping out to see. There were multiple rafts of ducks on Ohio Brush creek this morning. Species included American Black Ducks (29), Hooded Mergansers (16) and Mallards (+/-12). Pete reported a large flock of Purple Finches (150+) working the pavement on Brush Creek road. The birds stayed put for a couple of hours at that location. Unusual to see a flock of Purple Finches that large that staying together at a site for that long. Most surprising, a juvenile Golden Eagle was spotted above Ohio Brush Creek along Waggoner Riffle Road today. The bird was slowly soaring south and might hang out near the Killen station along the Ohio River.

Pay attention to your feeders as this cold weather may bring in some unusual birds. A Common Redpoll was seen at a feeder in Pike county this morning along with several Pine Siskins. Most unusual, a male Baltimore Oriole has been seen several times in the Columbus, Ohio area. Pay attention during this cold weather and share the cool or unusual stuff that you see out there.