Monday, April 21, 2008

Wild Turkeys

Today's was opening day of Ohio wild turkey season which will continue until May 18. This morning I probably heard about a dozen gobblers, two of which were directly in front of me. I obliviously sat down right under a small roosting flock because as daylight appeared, three hens were sitting on limbs high above me.
    Shortly after daylight the two gobblers flew down and started walking an old logging road right toward me. They were big, long bearded gobblers too. The hens flew down in three different directions around me and started clucking. The gobblers responded by gobbling and strutting their way right toward me. A hen that was with the gobblers walked within 20 yards of me but the ol' gobblers hung up on a knob about 75 yards away and strutted and gobbled but did not follow the hen. Another hen appeared from out of nowhere in the woods and walked right up to the gobblers and led them off away from me. Imagine that! 
### end